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Everyone gets pain now and then, it's not that special, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt or that you don't deserve relief from that pain. That's why we're here. At the Turner Joint Care Clinic, we treat pain of the joint, of the knee, lower back, and the pains and aches associated with fibromyalgia.

Dr. Geoffry Turner has been in practice for over twenty years, and founded the Turner Joint Pain Clinic in 1996 to treat those suffering from joint pain ranging from mild to chronic. Dr. Turner and his trained and certified staff are here to diagnosis and treat your pain, to help make you whole again and pain free.

Our Treatment Philosophy

No one knows your pain better than you. Simple as that. You know where it hurts, how much, how intense the pain is and what you were doing when the pain started. We listen and we work with you on a treatment that will take all of your pain into account and then we treat you. We come up with a treatment plan that fits the way you live your life and how you'll need to go about your business. That doesn't mean you won't have to change any bad habits you have that might be helping cause the pain. We find out those potential problems and help you identify how to change those behaviors that might be contributing to your pain

Our treatment plan will be tailored to fit you, your situation and your pain. As such, it will included the following:

  • A treatment plan: This refers to the pain itself, and might include rest, medication, therapy or, in extreme cases, surgery.
  • Exercise plan: Part of coming back from an injury is making sure your joint recovers and is strong but also strong enough that the injury itself doesn't reoccur.
  • Diet: Yes, a good diet is part of keeping healthy, and a good over health means good healthy joints.
  • A Prevention Plan: This is to make sure the injury doesn't reoccur due to everyday use. This will usually contain recommendations of activities to try, supports to be worn over the joint during more strenuous activities, and follow up visits to test the strength and recovery of the joint.
  • All of these are just some of the treatments and prevention tools we use at the Tuner Joint Care Clinic. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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Thanks to Dr. Turner and the Joint Care Clinic, I'm back to running my five miles a week. It's something I thought I'd never be able to do again, yet now I'm out there every morning, running on the knee I didn't think I'd walk on yet alone run. thank you, and thank the entire staff!
James B. San Diego, CA

For his great work as a doctor, and founder of the Tuner Joint Care Clinic, The City Of San Diego recognizxes Dr. Geoffry Turner as an Outstanding Citizen and Community Leader.
Office of the Mayor, Jerry Sanders, Mayor, City of San Diego, May 8th, 2010


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